Behind the Blog

We're Andrew and Alicia Snow (hence the blog name).

We met in the men's restroom in December 2012 and I instantly knew he was the one. We started dating (permanently) in July of 2013. Four months later, he asked me to marry him. We tied the knot on April 12, 2014 and, less than a year later, we happily welcomed baby boy Taylor into the mix. 20 months later, baby girl Olive joined the family. Our third baby will be arriving the beginning of 2018.

Together, we love Disneyland, Mexican food, and The Office re-runs. If you make random movie references and like tacos then we're guaranteed best friends.


The Dirty Details:
Love Story: Part One
Love Story: Part Two
Love Story: Part Three
Love Story: Part Four
Love Story: Part Five
Love Story: Part Six
Love Story: Part Seven

Engagement Story
Engagement Photos: Part 1
Engagement Photos: Part 2

Wedding Morning: Getting Ready
Wedding Bridals: Part 1
Wedding Bridals: Part 2
Wedding Bridals: Part 3
Temple Exit and Family Photos
Reception: The Details
Reception: The People
Reception: The Rest

Announcing Baby Snow
Baby Snow Gender Reveal
Taylor James Snow: A Birth Story

Announcing Baby Snow #2
Olive Blake Snow: A Birth Story

Announcing Baby Snow #3
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