October 23, 2019

September GBOMB

Oh wow, I am very late with the GBOMB for September. For my sake, we're going to shorten it from a GBOMB to just a G (I don't even know how much of the Good I can remember, but I've definitely forgotten the Bad and what was On My Brain by now).

+Taylor started soccer. He loves going to practices, but he isn't the biggest fans of the actually games. It is super cute to watch easily distracted, uncoordinated three year olds play soccer.
+Our wall is complete besides gates, but we're close to getting those up. We've already spent so much more time outside now that it's done (the cooling weather may also be a contributing factor). It might be a long time before anything else gets put in the backyard, but we're very happy.
+I got shelves up in our playroom/office area. My books have been in boxes for over a year and a half and they're finally out again. There's also cabinets under the shelves to store some of the toys that didn't have homes before. Our playroom/office was a big area of stress for me, but now it's *chef kiss* perfect. I plan to eventually put trim around all the shelves/cabinets to make it look built in, but for now I am content with the progress.
+Here's a memory I want to document: After Taylor's second ever soccer practice, we stopped by Dairy Queen on the way home and got the Taylor and Olive an ice cream cones. Since the kids' ice creams were dripping by the time we got to our house, we set up camp chairs in the driveway for them to sit in while finishing their ice cream without bringing the mess into the house. It got dark quickly and the kids were eating slowly so the stars came out. One benefit of living in the middle of the desert with only a few other houses around is how many stars you can see and all the background noises of nature. It was such a simple evening, but one I don't want to forget. Oh, and I also taught the kids how to wish on stars with the "star light, star bright, first star I see tonight..." rhyme and Taylor was enthralled with the possibilities of star wishes.

September is now very much over and October has almost come to the end as well. October has been a great month so hopefully my next GBOMB doesn't take quite this long.

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