April 1, 2019


+We found out we're moving back to Arizona in May! We'll be in the Tucson area which is about two hours south of where our family lives.
+And with that news, we bought a house! It has tall ceilings, a beautiful kitchen, and it sits on almost an acre of land. We're hoping this is our forever home and I'm so excited to move in.
+Eliza smiles all the time now. It makes the fussing and whining a little more bearable when she's flashing smiles all the rest of the time.
+I think I forgot to mention this last month, but Taylor is potty trained! I was honestly afraid we'd never get to this point. Haha.

+We all got sick this month. Why is it that once you have kids, your home becomes a petri dish of illness?
+To find our house, we had to take a super fast trip to Arizona. We drove to Arizona on Friday night, house-hunted all of Saturday, then turned around on Sunday to drive home. The kids did great on the way there and the trip itself does not qualify for the "bad" category. The way back is what puts it here because it was so stressful. Our six hour drive turned into nine hours due to traffic, stopping frequently to get the newborn out of her carseat, and an unfortunate puking incident.
+Lately it has been a battle of the wills with Taylor. Overall Taylor is a great kid and has always been easy going. But he's been testing his limits recently to see what he can get away with and we haven't quite figured out what parenting techniques work for him.

O N  M Y  B R A I N
+How do I parent three kids? It's impossible to give them all the attention they need. Someone (mostly Eliza) always needs my focus. Hopefully as Eliza gets older and a little less needy I can balance everything better.
+Mom brain. I always thought it was a funny thing to say to explain away the effects of exhaustion on new moms, but there are actual studies that show a reduction in gray matter after pregnancy. I am feeling it so hard this time around. I will be in the middle of a conversation and stop mid-sentence because I can't remember a word. I will stand up to do something and immediately forget what I was headed to do. Sometimes I need to just stare off in the distance because my brain can't take anymore thinking. So if I ever look blanked face during a conversation, if I've ignored a text (or several), if I completely blown off something I told you I would do, take this as my blanket apology. I am slowly losing my mind and I blame it on my children. Haha.
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