March 2, 2019

February GBOMB

February went by in the blink of an eye. I guess that's what happens when you have a newborn. As quick as the month passed, I still managed to think of a few things for the GBOMB (the Good, the Bad, and what's been On My Brain).

+Andrew was home on paternity leave. That meant lots of outings and activities and one-on-one playtime for the kids. He is the "fun parent".
+We took a quick Disneyland trip because my brother Carl and his wife Kara were there. It was a little colder than we expected and a bit rainy, but we were able to watch the new parade. It was also Eliza's first Disneyland trip at only two weeks old.
+We met up with our friends Michele and James at Laguna Beach. They have a son who is about the same age as Olive and we used to have play dates all the time with them when we lived in Chandler. It was fun to see them and cool to explore the tide pools at Laguna.
+Grandma Snow came to see baby Eliza and help with the kids. We always love when people come and visit us. I think the kids appreciated being spoiled by Grandma and getting out of the house with her most days she was here.

+Not as much sleep due to a newborn. She's been a pretty good sleeper so far on the nights she's not suffering from some extreme gas.
+We got sick at the beginning of the month - very briefly luckily. But that still meant a newborn with a stuffy/runny nose which is so sad.
+There's a lot of monotony with a newborn. Most of my day is spent sitting in the same chair and holding her. That is somehow extremely exhausting? She's starting to be awake more and give out smiles so hopefully she'll want to do more than be held all day in the next coming weeks/months.

O N  M Y  B R A I N
+I haven't had to parent three kids solo yet. I had Andrew home for the first three weeks and then my mother-in-law came for Andrew's first week back at work. I'm a little worried for how our days are going to go when I'm on my own. Check in on me on Monday to make sure I survive my first day alone.
+We're nearing the end of our time in California, but where we're headed next hasn't quite been decided. I'm anxious to find out what's in store for us.
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