February 4, 2019

January GBOMB

+ELIZA'S ARRIVAL! The very best thing of January.
+Nesting finally kicked in once we got home from our Christmas break spent in Arizona and I got a lot of things done around the house. After not being very productive this entire pregnancy, it was nice to get some things off my long to-do list and done before Eliza showed up.
+All the Snows minus Michelle came to visit. We went to Disneyland and the beach and just had a great time. While at Disneyland, I started having contractions and thought that maybe Disney was going to put me into labor, but unfortunately they stopped later that night.
+My mom timed a visit to us perfectly. She said she was going to come the weekend before I was due just in case the baby came and she could be here to watch the kids while we headed to the hospital. I honestly thought the baby was going to stay put and her trip would be in vain. Luckily Eliza decided to be polite and make her appearance during my mom's trip.
+Watching Taylor and Olive meet their little sister was the best. They have talked and talked about how excited they were for Eliza to get here, but I was still a little worried (mainly about how Olive would react and adjust). Despite my worry, both have been great and are obsessed with "Baby Eliza".

+We were all a little sick the beginning of the month. Luckily, it wasn't too bad and we recovered fairly quickly. Now to stay healthy for the sake of little Eliza. We won't be leaving the house anytime soon to avoid another stint in the hospital like we had with Olive at 5 weeks old.

O N  M Y  B R A I N
+My labor experience didn't go exactly as planned. I feel a little cheated and wish I could go back and do a few things differently (namely getting the epidural sooner).
+Eliza, Eliza, Eliza. She's pretty much the only thing on my mind and has crowded all other January events and thoughts out of my brain so there is a high chance that I forgot stuff on this GBOMB.

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