March 1, 2018

February GBOMB

I can't believe that February is already over. In all honesty, I can't really remember much from this month. It all sort of blurred together and now we're staring into March.

+Andrew took me to see Hamilton! Guys, it was so good. Like soooooo good! All the heart eyed emojis!
+We had two play dates this month, both of which were fun. It's always nice to get out of the house for both the kids and my sanity.
+I'm the second counselor in Relief Society which puts me in charge of all the Relief Society activities. We threw a "favorite things" party this month and it was our best turn-out ever. I was really happy with how it turned out.
+Taylor's language has just exploded. He's talking in complete sentences now-a-days. I love hearing all of the scenarios he makes up with his toys and it's so nice being able to actually communicate with him.

+I didn't read as many books as I wanted to this month, but I'm in the middle of quite a few books so hopefully I'll get through all of them in March.
+TEETHING. Olive already has quite a few teeth, but she somehow is getting even more. Usually she's only a tiny bit more whiny, but this round of teeth has made her extremely grumpy and clingy. It's been hard to get anything done around the house.
+School has been tough. I only take one online class a semester, but this current one has been way more difficult than my usual work load. I'm halfway through so I guess I'll just buckle in until the end.

O N  M Y  B R A I N
+I hate to get political, but gun control has been on my mind. How could it not be? There has been too many senseless shootings. Children are dying. I realize that guns aren't the only problem, but can't we at least make one or two baby steps towards some sort of progress? What harm is more thorough background checks, a waiting period to buy firearms, or not allowing those who have committed a violent crime to own a gun? These seem like common sense laws, but apparently they aren't. It's also breaking my heart seeing grown adults attacking the students who are speaking out. I commend all the young people who are getting involved. For those who say that a school walk-out won't do anything or that kids don't understand the complexities of the law, at least they are trying, which is more than I can say about a lot of congressman right now.
+With that being said, the dividing power of political opinions has been on my mind a lot. I know there are people who don't share the same beliefs or ideas as me, and that's okay. Let's stay friends even if our opinions differ, okay? We can all agree that kindness and compassion is always a good idea.

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