February 2, 2018

January GBOMB

My favorite blog posts to read as of late are everyone's monthly GBOMB. I finally realized that I should start doing them too since I love reading them so much. GBOMB stands for Good, Bad, On My Brain. It's a great way to document each month so for 2018, you can expect to see these at the end of each month. A big shout-out to Danica, one of my favorite internet peeps, for starting the GBOMB movement.

+We finally finished our kitchen! Well mostly. I stained the cabinets and added hardware, we got our new counters/sink/faucet in, and I'm almost completely done with the back-splash. Staining those dang cabinets was a ton of work, but our kitchen looks ten times better. Hopefully I'll get around to posting some before and afters within the next month.
+Between Thanksgiving, and Christmas, Taylor's weekly swim lessons had become a little inconsistent. Luckily, we are back to going every week. Taylor loves swim lessons! He's doing really well and I think he'll be moving up to the next class soon.
+We had a fun playgroup at the park. I need to make it a point to arrange playgroups more often.
+Olive is getting closer to walking. She now uses anything possible to assist her as she "walks" around and I think she'll be officially walking by the end of February.
+I've been making it a point to read more books and listen to more audiobooks. The past few months I haven't read as many books as I would like to because it was so much easier for me to listen to a podcast or watch YouTube. I'm trying to listen to an audiobook instead and I'm working through a few books right now.
+The weather has been perfect this month! We've spent a lot of time outside.
+Taylor and Olive are starting to play with each other a lot more and they stay up during nap time to laugh at each other. It's so cute to watch their relationship form.

+Taylor and Olive stay up during nap time to laugh at each other. While cute, it's not fun to have grumpy children all afternoon because they refuse to sleep.
+We were sick the first part of this month. I don't think it was the nasty flu that's going around, but we were down for at least a week with a pretty bad cold. Crossing my fingers that it was the only time we'll get sick in 2018. (HA!)
+I didn't really blog this month. I don't know if this should actually go in the "bad" category because I don't necessarily have a designated amount I want to blog each month. I guess it's just more of a statement.

O N  M Y  B R A I N
+Moving. I haven't really talked about this online, but once Andrew graduates with his MBA in May, we'll be moving out-of-state. He has accepted a job, but our location is still up in the air and will probably be until March. It's still a ways off so it's easy to ignore most days, but sometimes the reality of leaving our friends and family and selling our house hits me. It's going to be hard to leave.
+I've been really opposed to resolutions this year. I usually write down a few goals each year, I just feel that's not pressure I need to add into my life right now. We'll see how I feel about resolutions next year.
+I'm trying to decide if I'm ready to potty train Taylor. All I've heard are nightmare stories of potty training so it seems like a pretty daunting task, but it would be so nice to only have one in diapers.

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