October 12, 2017

Utah Cousins

Between the time we got back from Ohio and when Andrew's new quarter of school started, we decided to drive up to Utah to see Stephanie and Kevin and their kids. I just now remembered that I never blogged about that trip and I at least wanted to post all the photos from my phone to preserve the memory (this blog is great at reminding me of all the fun things we've done that I would otherwise forget).

Stephanie and Kevin are always the greatest hosts and it's so fun to watch Taylor and his cousins play. Both those things made the 9 hour drive there worth it. We usually find a cheap flight on Allegiant when we want to go see them, but we could not find a flight that would work for us. We had almost decided that we weren't going, when we just went ahead and made the long drive all the while praying that the kids wouldn't cry the entire way (they did awesome on the way there... not so much on the drive home).

Looking back at all these photos makes me so excited for Christmas when ALL of the Snow cousins will be together. I can't believe that's only in a little over two months away!

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