August 25, 2017

Our Last Two Days in Ohio

Our last two days in Ohio were the perfect ending to our summer. On Tuesday, we spent a little time on the beach of Lake Erie and then checked out the Avon Lake Library. It had two great children's sections that we eventually had to drag Taylor away from, and Olive pulled herself to standing for the first time on one of the learning cubes available. On Wednesday, we took my mom to see the Kirtland Temple and all the other church sites. I really enjoyed going through the temple a second time. I think you need two go-a-rounds when you have rowdy kids distracting you. Then it was home for naps before we headed to the airport for our flight home. (I didn't bring my camera with me to any of our outings, so I had to steal a few cell phones pictures from my mom.)

And that wraps up our summer in Ohio! If you missed any of our weekend adventures, you can see them all here.

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