August 21, 2017

Lake View Cemetery

We've been back from Ohio for over a month, but I still have a few more posts I've been putting off. I'm determined to get them finished up this week so here we go...

The first full day my mom was in Ohio with us, we went to the Lake View Cemetery. It was started in 1869 and is a Victorian style garden cemetery. It's full of large trees and beautiful tombstones. It's also home to the James A. Garfield Memorial which is a 180-foot tall tower that is filled with stained glass windows, ornate mosaics and a 12-foot marble statue of President Garfield. The caskets of President and Mrs. Garfield are on display in the lower level of the crypt. You're also able to climb the 180 feet to the top of the monument to an observation deck. It might seem weird to recommend a cemetery as a place to visit if you're ever in Ohio, but it truly is a beautiful place.

After the cemetery, we headed to the Cleveland Public Library. It was such a gorgeous building and had a fun area in the kids section. We didn't stay too long because there was another little boy who was about the same size as Taylor playing as well. Even though they were roughly the same size, this kid insisted on trying to carry Taylor around. Taylor was very confused and wasn't a fan (can't say I blame him). The little boy could not be deterred in his efforts to carry Taylor, so it was easier just to leave. The kids were ready for a nap anyways.

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