June 27, 2017

Cleveland Zoo

On Saturday, we finally got around to going to the Cleveland Zoo. One of the first things we saw was a line of parked construction vehicles and tractors that were open for kids to climb in. Taylor was in heaven. We could have spent all our time playing in the vehicles and skipped seeing the animals entirely. The trucks alone made the zoo worth our money.

Taylor also liked the animals... when they were far away. He was fine, until we saw the giraffes up close. I was holding Taylor in my arms within reaching distance of the giraffe and Taylor lost it (and lost control of his legs in an effort to get away faster which caused him to kick an innocent bystander). From that point on in our visit, he was extremely wary of all the animals. If the baboon was near the glass, he wanted far away. When the elephant walked past us, he was ready to move on. For some reason, Taylor has been developing new fear of things when he has never really shown a fear of anything before. We recently discovered that he's terrified of little dogs. Big dogs, no big deal. But tiny dogs, terrifying. 

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