May 28, 2017

West Side Market

On Saturday, we went to the West Side Market which has been running since 1912. It's an indoor marketplace that sells meats, fresh vegetables and fruit, fresh seafood, baked goods, dairy and cheese products, and fresh flowers. It's home to over 100 vendors and is quite the bustling place (which caused some problems when navigating with our double stroller). We had a lot of fun seeing all the unique things for sale and ended up purchasing some fruit and veggies. We also had lunch at a place located in the market called Steve Gyro's which was featured on an episode of Man vs Food. We always look up Man vs Food stops whenever we visit somewhere new and we haven't been disappointed yet (except that one time Andrew got food poisoning while we were on our honeymoon, but I enjoyed what I ordered so I still count it as a win).

After we finished at the market, we explored the surrounding area and got Mitchell's Ice Cream for dessert. If you're ever in the Cleveland area, I cannot emphasize enough how necessary it is for you to get some Mitchell's Ice Cream. I can confidently say it was the best ice cream I've ever had.

We're definitely checking things off of our list of sites and activities we want to do while we're here, I'm just afraid we'll run out of time before we get everything done. Lucky for us, Andrew has a three day weekend so we have an extra day to adventure.

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