November 7, 2016

Taylor Update

I stopped doing monthly Taylor updates when he turned one. I thought I better do at least one more focused solely on Taylor before baby girl comes in and rocks his world.

I have successfully turned Taylor into a book worm. It is the cutest thing to see him sitting in his rocking chair pretending to read his books by himself. There are some disadvantages of creating a book worm though. Namely, reading the same book over and over and over again. He has a few that he never tires of, but I may have a different opinion. I'm planning on doing a post on all our favorite children's books so be on the lookout for that (this is his current favorite).

Taylor is really starting to become talkative. Mostly babbles and nonsense exclamations, but some words are starting to become more regular. His most common words are: yes, no, please, this, car, vroom, book, mom, dad, go, airplane, buh-bye, water, again, outside, boat, cracker, ball, uh-oh, shark, and balloon (some of these are probably only discernible by me). His very first word he ever said was "tickle". 

Taylor loves cars and points out every single one we pass (which is quite often on the freeway).

He also loves animals. I got him this giant (and beautiful) book and within a week, he learned a plethora of animal noises. The ones he has down pat are: dog, cat, duck, tiger/lion, shark, monkey, snake, cow, bird, horse, fish, elephant, pig, rooster, wolf, and owl.

He is a dancing fool and his current jam is Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop The Feeling".

Taylor is now 19 months as of the third, but at his 18 month appointment he was 34 inches long (93rd percentile) and weighed almost 26 pounds (83rd percentile). He has 11 teeth with more on their way.

I'm so glad I get to be home with this happy, silly, and loving boy every day. I'm excited to see him become a big brother and I'm crossing my fingers he'll love having a baby sister.

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