July 13, 2016

Snowstorm Blog

After a little blogging hiatus, I spent some time reflecting over my corner of the internet. I thought back to when I first started blogging. It was called "Hearts and Chances" (I still cringe at that name). I blogged about nothing really, sometimes dating mishaps which sort of inspired that cheesy blog name. Pretty much that entire first year of blog posts embarrass me (yet I can't make myself delete them).

Eventually I started dating Andrew and we got engaged. The blog underwent a huge change because I was no longer experiencing the hilarities that ensue from single's ward attendance. I switched the name to A + A (because Alicia and Andrew) to document our adventures together as a couple. After a few weeks of that, I decided that it wasn't very memorable and I wanted something unique. I finally settled on Snowstorm, because our last name is Snow and I thought it was catchy. Blogging soon became post after post of wedding pictures. And then we got pregnant and my blog turned into pregnancy posts. Taylor soon arrived, and pretty much every post consisted of too many pictures of him.

At this point, I had three years of blogging under my belt. I started getting more paid opportunities, which is awesome because blogging can be time consuming and a little money to help me keep up this hobby of mine is always a good thing. Now that I'm pregnant again, this blog will evolve again. Pregnancy posts will probably be back, and of course, Taylor posts will continue. Once the baby arrives, I'm sure there will be some posts on adapting to being the mother of two.

I'm rambling here, but what I'm getting at is I love having a slice of the internet all to myself. It constantly changes as my life changes, but I still can look back on all the parts of my life I've documented.

That being said, I feel like I'm in a weird relationship with my blog right now. I don't know what I want to do with it. I'm not quite ready to let it go, but I'm also not ready to devote the time it needs in order to make it into a business. This blog and I are sort of in an in-between, not yet defined place of our relationship, and I can't figure out what to do about that.

This pregnancy has taken a lot out of me. At 18 weeks, I'm starting to get some of my energy back and my morning all-day sickness is starting to subside (finally!). So maybe now, I'll be more motivated to keep up the blog. Maybe not though. I feel like I'm in a different place now.

Of course that doesn't mean I'll abandon the blog. I still consider it a sort of journal and I couldn't imagine not writing about Taylor occasionally so I can look back and remember this particular time in life. I still have a few blog drafts that I'm slowly working on (when I get any spark of motivation).

I guess what I'm saying is that posting will be sparse and sporadic. But don't lose hope in me, I hope eventually to be back and more serious/intentional with the direction my blog is heading in. Until then, I hope you stick around for occasional life updates from me (I can say with confidence that most of them will be about Taylor and the new baby, but we are going on a long vacation soon so you can bet you'll see pictures of that).
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