March 3, 2016

11 Months of Taylor

Another month down and only one month to go until the big uno. And another round of Taylor photos.

As I was going through all the photos I took of Taylor this month, I noticed one reoccurring theme. Harley. Ever since Taylor has become mobile, he crawls after Harley wherever she goes. Harley is a bit of a grump so it's really funny to watch Harley continuously walk away from Taylor and find a new place to lay down. Taylor isn't great about picking up on hints and will keep going after her until I distract him with something else. Even though they aren't the greatest quality, I had to include some iPhone photos of Taylor and Harley since that's what this month has consisted of.

Other things I want to remember: Taylor now goes "vroom" when he plays with cars (cars are his favorite toys). He loves to bounce and groove to music. He is starting to wave and continues to clap for everyone/thing. He got his first haircut this month (check out the third row of photos, you can definitely tell which was before and which was after the haircut). Says dada/mama, but we don't think he knows what they mean yet. Continues to be adorable, sweet, and mild mannered (aka he's the perfect child).

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