December 31, 2015

New Year Reading Goal

I love reading and I love books. I have a serious book hoarding problem. Just ask my husband. I always have a mountain of books in my "to-be-read" pile and it's ever-growing. 

At the beginning of this year I made one new year resolution. I was going to read more. I had gotten into the bad habit of watching Netflix in my free time and completely stopped reading. I really wanted to change that. 

In a few short months after the start of 2015, I was going to birth a human. Perfect timing, I thought to myself. I'd have endless free time to read while I fed Taylor! Well it turns out keeping a baby alive is hard work. You don't get much sleep (imagine that) so when I was feeding the baby, my zombie-like mind wasn't exactly in the mood to read (or think in the slightest). I watched a lot of Downton Abbey and re-runs of The Office instead. Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu was easier on my mushy brain. 

Fortunately, I did manage to read a little in 2015, however little that was. I'm ending the year with a grand total of eight books. You read that right, a measly eight books. This next year I'm determined to make my list of completed books longer. I joined Goodreads and that has inspired me in my reading endeavor. I've also found some awesome accounts on Instagram that post book reviews and their current favorites.

If you want to follow along and see what I'm reading (and keep me accountable), you can visit this page or add me on Goodreads. I'd also love to know what your favorite books are. Leave a comment telling me what I have to read next and it will be added to the mountainous "to-be-read" pile.

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