May 18, 2015

Taylor's Baby Blessing

Dear Taylor,

Last Monday, Daddy gave you a name and a blessing. All of your family was there to support you. It was a beautiful blessing and I wanted to record some of the things you were blessed with.

+You were blessed to be a witness of truth, to preach the gospel, and to be an example to your siblings. 
+You were blessed with strength and power as you exercise the priesthood righteously to bless others. 
+You were blessed with joy and happiness, even in hard times. 
+You were blessed to learn the Spirit's voice early on in your life and use it as a tool to lift others. 
+You were blessed to know that your family loves you, those in the pre-mortal life, those who have went before you, and those who are here now, and they look to you to be an example and a beacon of strength.
+And my favorite part, you were blessed to be a comfort and strength to your mother (you've already accomplished this many times).

We love you little man and can't wait to see the person you grow into!

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