April 29, 2015

Lovely Links, Vol. 3 (Mommy Edition)

Feeding a baby every three hours provides a lot of time stuck in a chair. That free time is spent either binge watching The Office or reading. I've discovered a lot of blogs with all this reading and have stumbled across quite a few gems on motherhood. So I present to you:
+"You're Too Young to Have A Baby" is an article I know I can relate to. I was pregnant at 22 and now a mom at 23 and I wouldn't have it any other way.

+This parody of Can't Stop, Won't Stop... Having Babies is perfection. I want to be friends with this family.

+I loved this post by Ashley Gardner about how her 8 year journey of infertility prepared her to be a mother to her beautiful quadruplets. Plus the photos are gorgeous.

+Seeing what my body can do during pregnancy and child birth has made me realize how amazing my body really is so I really enjoyed this article about how we need to stop saying babies ruin bodies.

+I thought these doodles of new mommyhood were hilarious! And those are just a small sampling. There's 120 of them in this book that I'm quite tempted to buy.

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