April 13, 2015

Lovely Links, Vol. 2

+I'm sure you've all seen the great-legging-debate-of-2015 going around the internet which has luckily died down already. I'm not here to start another discussion on the matter, but I thoroughly enjoyed this comical view point.

+Jenna wrote an article that I love and completely agree with on encouraging light. Such a great reminder!

+I discovered the coolest site ever! Wordmark allows you to view all the fonts you have on your computer at the same time. It makes designing pretty much anything a whole lot easier.

+If you use Instagram (or really any social media), you need to read this post on how to protect your family. It's scary to face the reality, but so necessary to take some precautions.

+I read this article and could not believe how spot on it was! Erin hits the nail on the head about why blogging is hard.

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PS- Thanks for all the love on Taylor's birth story. We are doing great and have loved adjusting to being a family of three.

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