March 11, 2015

36 Week Bumpdate

We have less than a month until the due date people! I cannot believe it. I remember when we first found out that I was pregnant, I thought pregnancy would take for-ev-er. Well here we are in the final stretch and I'm freaking out a bit because we definitely have a few more things we need to get done before baby boy shows up. I was supposed to be done at work by now so I would have tons of time to check things off our never ending to-do list, but somehow I'm still helping out at my job. I'm sure that we will manage somehow though. Now on to the bumpdate!

(from my baby shower this last Saturday)
How far along? 36 weeks. Baby is the size of: a honeydew.  Maternity clothes? I'm most definitely only wearing maternity clothes now. Regular clothes just don't fit me anymore and I'm having a hard time keeping this belly covered with most shirts. Crop tops are in style now, right? Ha. Sleep? Sleep is hit or miss now a days. Some nights I sleep great and only get up for bathroom breaks. Other nights I can't sleep at all. Movement? Jabs and kicks to the ribs, yes. Sweet little baby kicks and flutters, not so much anymore. Now when baby moves it's more like a scene out of Alien. Food cravings? Not so much cravings, but I pick a food and eat exclusively that. As in I eat the same thing every day for every meal. I have gone through some weird phases. There was the chicken noodle soup phase (that's when I had morning sickness and it was all I could keep down), then the cheese crisp phase, then the chicken nugget phase, then the ramen noodle phase, and now I'm in the Chef Boyardee mini ravioli phase (which I have never liked before). It's pretty disgusting how many cans I go through. Weight gain/loss? First trimester- I lost weight. Second trimester- I gained back what I lost and a few more. Third trimester- I have gained a ton and it's continually climbing! It makes me happy because I feel like the more weight I put on, the more weight baby is putting on. Chubby babies are the best. Belly button in or out? My belly button is... flat I guess? Sometimes it sticks out, but mostly it's just flat. Stretch marks? Not yet, but my stomach is getting itchier and stretching more every day, so there may be a few in my future. Happy or moody? Happy, but I do get stressed out way more easily. I just attribute that to buying a house, taking care of puppies, repainting all the walls, preparing for baby, and still working. That would stress out anyone. Looking forward to: getting the nursery put together! Hopefully within the next two weeks it will be done.

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