March 21, 2015

Final Countdown

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We are officially in countdown mode. Well I've been counting down since the beginning, but we are in a more serious countdown now.

At my appointment yesterday, my doctor told me that I'm 2 cm dilated and 90% effaced with baby's head dropped and ready to go. My next appointment is on Friday, but my doctor told me that baby boy won't stay put until then. Umm, hello!? I'm only 37.5 weeks! I thought I had until April 8th? We have been in a frenzy to get all the last minute stuff done that we thought we had time for. Luckily, we've had a lot of help from family in our last minute preparedness craze.

With baby boy making his appearance any day now, I'm not exactly sure when I'll be posting next on this blog so I thought I'd leave you with a little giveaway while I'm away. PinkBlush has been my absolute favorite place to get my maternity clothes this entire pregnancy. Their clothes are high quality and so comfortable (comfort is what constitutes good maternity clothing, btw). I think they noticed how much I loved their clothes because they're offering one of my readers a chance to win a $35 gift card to spend on their site. PS- They also have a regular clothing line in case you aren't prego right now so you can use the gift card towards that too.

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Here's to crossing my fingers we'll have a baby boy in a few days and crossing my fingers for you to win! Get to entering!

March 11, 2015

36 Week Bumpdate

We have less than a month until the due date people! I cannot believe it. I remember when we first found out that I was pregnant, I thought pregnancy would take for-ev-er. Well here we are in the final stretch and I'm freaking out a bit because we definitely have a few more things we need to get done before baby boy shows up. I was supposed to be done at work by now so I would have tons of time to check things off our never ending to-do list, but somehow I'm still helping out at my job. I'm sure that we will manage somehow though. Now on to the bumpdate!

(from my baby shower this last Saturday)
How far along? 36 weeks. Baby is the size of: a honeydew.  Maternity clothes? I'm most definitely only wearing maternity clothes now. Regular clothes just don't fit me anymore and I'm having a hard time keeping this belly covered with most shirts. Crop tops are in style now, right? Ha. Sleep? Sleep is hit or miss now a days. Some nights I sleep great and only get up for bathroom breaks. Other nights I can't sleep at all. Movement? Jabs and kicks to the ribs, yes. Sweet little baby kicks and flutters, not so much anymore. Now when baby moves it's more like a scene out of Alien. Food cravings? Not so much cravings, but I pick a food and eat exclusively that. As in I eat the same thing every day for every meal. I have gone through some weird phases. There was the chicken noodle soup phase (that's when I had morning sickness and it was all I could keep down), then the cheese crisp phase, then the chicken nugget phase, then the ramen noodle phase, and now I'm in the Chef Boyardee mini ravioli phase (which I have never liked before). It's pretty disgusting how many cans I go through. Weight gain/loss? First trimester- I lost weight. Second trimester- I gained back what I lost and a few more. Third trimester- I have gained a ton and it's continually climbing! It makes me happy because I feel like the more weight I put on, the more weight baby is putting on. Chubby babies are the best. Belly button in or out? My belly button is... flat I guess? Sometimes it sticks out, but mostly it's just flat. Stretch marks? Not yet, but my stomach is getting itchier and stretching more every day, so there may be a few in my future. Happy or moody? Happy, but I do get stressed out way more easily. I just attribute that to buying a house, taking care of puppies, repainting all the walls, preparing for baby, and still working. That would stress out anyone. Looking forward to: getting the nursery put together! Hopefully within the next two weeks it will be done.

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March 4, 2015

Life Lately

Oh hey, remember me? I used to blog around here. Don’t you worry, I have my list of excuses ready.

Excuse #1- We bought a house! Yay! Woo hoo! Excitement! 
We made an offer the beginning of January and we got the keys the end of February. We moved in this last weekend (and when I say “we” I really mean my husband, father-in-law, and a bunch of helpful people from our ward moved us in. This 35 week pregnant lady did nada). Now our new house is full of boxes and furniture that I refuse to put away until all the bedrooms are painted because all the walls in our house are currently a lovely salmon color. Great choice previous home owners. With a new house comes lack of internet, but I am finally back on the grid.

Excuse #2- Our dog had puppies! 
We bred Harley in December and expected puppies to make their appearance somewhere between February 21-24. Nope, Harley decided to wait and go into labor the day of our move. So while everyone around us was loading our boxed up apartment into the U-Haul, Harley was having contractions. I, of course, had to be there for moral support. She went a long time without making progress (and in progress, I mean there were no puppies coming out!). We got a little worried since English bulldogs are known to have some issues birthing their big-headed babies so we headed to the vet office.  After an ultrasound, the vet told us there was a dead puppy blocking the birth canal, otherwise she would have been able to naturally whelp her litter. That meant a c-section for Harley. We left her there around 7 pm and were called back around 10 pm after the surgery to let us know that along with the two puppies we were expecting, the dead puppy somehow came back to life after it was removed. Umm what? Those types of things actually happen?! We were able to pick up Harley and her pups around 3:30 that morning and now, among our boxes, we have the best little mommy and three healthy, adorable puppies.

Excuse #3- I’m pregnant! 
That is currently my excuse for everything. Can you help with this? No, I’m pregnant. Want to hang out? No, I’m pregnant. Can you stop eating all the food in the house? No, I’m pregnant. But for real, yo. That picture was from two weeks ago and baby is growing like a weed, so imagine that belly, but even larger. I can’t believe we’re going to have a baby in 5 weeks! People keep asking me how the nursery is coming along and if I have my hospital bag packed. Umm no, not even close. We don’t have a crib for baby, let alone a nice little bag set aside with things we’ll need at the hospital. Let’s hope baby boy doesn’t make an early surprise appearance. Keep baking baby, we still have a few things left to do.

And there you have it, my excuses of why I have been neglecting this little ole blog. I’ll try to post a bumpdate next week and maybe I’ll post some pictures of the inside of my house, hideous wall colors and all. In the meantime, since I now have the internet again, I’m going to catch up all the pointless drama that’s been happening on The Bachelor (uh, what? No, I don’t watch that trash… often).

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