February 2, 2015

Lovely Links, Vol. 1

+I was pretty disappointed in the Super Bowl commercials this year, but I did get a good laugh after watching Mountain Dew's ad. What was your favorite commercial from the Super Bowl?

+If you haven't seen Adam Levine crashing weddings in his new Maroon 5 music video, do that now.

+Even though I already have a reading list a mile long, I have been wanting to buy this book for some time now. Has anyone else read it?

+I'm in search of a gray rocker like this one or this one for the nursery... except cheaper. Any suggestions?

+If you love to watch The Bachelor solely to make fun of it like I do, you will love this SNL sketch with Blake Shelton.

+This article has some great suggestions for improving your blog in 2015. I plan on working through it.

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