November 13, 2014

Baby Snow is a...

I was totally shocked to learn that I'm having a little baby boy! At my twelve week ultrasound, our tech told us that she was pretty sure it was going to be a girl. Even though I was hoping for my first to be a boy, I wasn't surprised by the ultrasound technician's guess because I kept having dreams that the baby was a girl and always referred to the baby as a "she". I quickly came around to the idea of a girl and became extremely excited about it.

So going into my anatomy scan on Tuesday afternoon, I was fully confident that the tech was going to confirm her prediction of a girl. When the tech said, "Well it looks like I was wrong.", I was completely taken by surprise! I could not believe we were having a boy like I originally hoped for!

But we have a small problem. Since we assumed we were having a girl, we came up with the perfect name... for a girl. Now that we're planning for a little boy, we cannot come up with a boy name that we love/agree on! This is my call for help. Please, please, please, leave boy name suggestions in the comments below. At the very least, it will get my creative juices flowing to hopefully come up with the perfect name for our baby boy.

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