October 13, 2014

How To Survive Six Months of Marriage

Yesterday marked six months of marriage for us! That pretty much makes us experts on the topic. Although some may disregard any advice I might give, being so young and newly-married, I still thought I would share some things I've learned thus far.

1. Make holding hands a priority. Andrew is way better at this than I am. He always reaches out for my hand when we're walking, driving, falling asleep, etc. It's such a simple gesture, but something that let's the other know that you care. It also reminds me of when we first started dating and when holding hands was such a thrill! I want to always be giddy about dating my husband.

2. Learn each other's love language. My love language is physical touch, which is why holding hands is so important to me. Andrew's love language is words of affirmation. I try to write him sweet notes and funny cards to surprise him. It can really be as simple as that. A little reminder that you're thinking about your spouse is sometimes all it takes.

3. Never go a day without kissing each other. Obviously. Do I really need to expand on that one?

4. Continue being best friends. Your spouse should be your partner in crime, your confidant, and the person you go to for advice. Don't forget about the friendship that most likely kick-started your relationship. Being married to your best friend sure makes it easier to go through the rough patches of life.

5. Laugh together. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks that need to be accomplished. Sometimes, it's best to stop with the grocery lists and never-ending house chores and instead, be silly together. Build a fort out of sheets and watch a Disney movie together. Have a ketchup fight (10 points to whomever knows that reference). Doing something that makes you both giddy is always a good idea.

6. The small things still matter. Do you remember when you first started dating, and you would go out of your way to do things you knew the other liked? Whether it was cooking their favorite meal or watching the ridiculously stupid T.V. show they liked? There's no reason to stop doing those things once you're married. Andrew will take me to Texas Road House on date night (I love it, he doesn't think it's that great) and I will humor Andrew by watching his favorite silly movies. Sometimes the simple efforts go the longest way.

What is your advice for having a solid marriage? I would love to know! 
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