October 20, 2014

Hidden Netflix Gems

Pregnancy has led to more hours than I would like to admit spent watching Netflix. Even if I wasn't pregnant, I'm sure I would watch close to the same amount. I'm lazy, sue me. With all the time I've invested in Netflix binging, I have discovered a few unknown (at least unknown to me) shows that must be shared with the world. So, stop whatever productive thing you're doing and sit down to watch these gems.

Yiro Dreams of Sushi- I love sushi. Coincidentally, I can no longer eat sushi in my pregnant state. Regardless, Andrew and I watched this documentary on the best sushi maker in the world. I don't know why it was so captivating to watch, but it was. If you like sushi, it will be even better.

Blackfish- We all know that Sea World is constantly in a legal battle against someone. I never put much thought into it until we watched this documentary that follows the life of Tilikum, an Orca that has found it's way into the top breeding position at Sea World, even though Tilikum was directly involved in the deaths of three humans. It is an insanely interesting documentary, and it makes you want to go all Free Willy on the killer whales. (Another great documentary that's similar is The Cove, but it's no longer offered on Netflix.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead- This documentary follows Joe, an overweight man with quite a few health problems. He decides to take control of his life and starts on a 60 day juicing cleanse. It's quite amazing to see all the changes he experiences. While this is happening, he road trips across America, interviewing people on their health and food choices. It will definitely make you reevaluate your diet. We may or may not have purchased a juicer after watching it.

Call The Midwife- I might love this show only because I'm pregnant, but I've heard others mention how much they enjoy it as well so I'm going to say I would still love it just as much even if I wasn't with child. This three season show follows a group of nurse midwives working in London in the 1950s. It was originally based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, and then expanded to include other historically based material. It's an amazing BBC period drama that I wholeheartedly recommend watching.

We Cause Scenes- This documentary is about Improv Everywhere. Ever heard of No Pants Day? Yeah, that was them. By watching this, you'll learn about the humble beginnings of Improv Everywhere, and how the antics originally started by the founder impersonating Ben Folds in a bar to pick up chicks. It's a good-feeling documentary that will make you laugh.

Freakonomics- Yes, yet another documentary. This is based on the bestselling book about incentive-based thinking. It examines the reason for human behavior with interesting and funny case studies. The studies range from whether or not your name can affect your life's outcome, to how bribery can change a high school freshman's grades. It touches on all sorts of subjects, and you feel ten times smarter after watching this one.

Secret Princes- Let me start off by saying that this show is ridiculous. However, I quite enjoy ridiculous shows, so it made the list. Secret Princes is a short series that follows four royals that go undercover. They move to America, live in a crappy house, have crappy jobs, and try to pick up ladies in hopes of finding a women that love them for who they are, and not their money or titles. It's quite hilarious to watch them adjust to "normal" life. Some of the guys you root for and some are just pretentious. It's definitely a show to consider if you need something mind-numbing to watch.

The Office- Okay, okay, so this isn't an unknown show, but it is a must-watch. Seriously, if you haven't watched The Office yet, you need it in your life. I have watched this series all the way through countless times and I'll probably watch it a few more dozen times.

Parks and Recreation- Another show that isn't really "unknown", but a show that should be watched. Plus, Netflix just added the most recent season so there's even more reason to watch it.

What are your must-watch shows on Netflix? Any hidden gems that you've discovered?

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