August 3, 2014

Chicago: Part 1

Two weeks after we got back from our honeymoon, we headed to Chicago to meet up with Andrew's brother Matt, his wife Mimi, our two nephews, Josh and Jude, and our newest niece, Adele. Matt so happened to have a business meeting there the same weekend as an Aquabats concert. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit Chicago for the first time and go watch Matt and Andrew's favorite band ever. Plus, Matt and Mimi used to live in Chicago so they became our personal tour guide.

As soon as we got off the plane, we headed to Giordano's in Hyde Park to experience real Chicago-style deep dish pizza. After we were filled to the brim with pizza, we headed to the Museum of Science and Industry. We got to stand in a tornado and see a WWII U-boat, which is actually pretty crazy to see in real life. It is huge. Our favorite part of the musuem was probably playing in the kid area with Josh and Jude. Andrew and I had just as much fun as them I think.

That night was the Aquabats concert. Matt, Andrew, Josh and I enjoyed a night of ridiculous songs and silly costumes. It takes a special understanding to enjoy the outrageous-ness of it all.

The next morning, Matt had some meetings, so Mimi took us around to see some of the city, including the infamous "Bean". Matt was able to meet up with us later that day and took us to eat at Nuevo Leon. Matt claims it's the best Mexican food in America. While we did enjoy it, we aren't sure about the whole "best Mexican food". Sorry Matt.

I have too many pictures for just one post so I'll try to have a part two up soon.

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