July 18, 2014

Snow Family Photos

While Jonathan Gibson was in town to photograph our wedding, we were able to sneak in some Snow family photos as well. The day before our wedding, we took our bridal photos at five in the morning. Afterwards, the newest addition to the family, our niece Adele, got a little shoot. Then we went and took more photos of the entire family. We sure put Jon to work that weekend and, as always, he did an amazing job.

Josh and Jude
Grandma and Grandpa with their girls,
Andrew and Myself    -    Beautiful Michelle
Stephanie and Kevin with sweet Piper and Emmy.
Matt, Mimi, Josh, Jude and little Adele.
The Snow siblings.
A more accurate portrayal of the Snow siblings. 
The whole family.

The grand-babies were done with photos at this point.

And I can't share all these family photos without jumping back to when the twins were born. When Jon took our engagement photos last December, he also took Piper and Emmy's newborn photos. I had to at least share a few.

All photos courtesy of: www.jonathangibsonphotography.com.

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