July 7, 2014

San Diego

We went to San Diego for a week after we got married for a little honeymoon. Our hotel was on the bay and across the street from the Gaslamp District. Most of our time was spent exploring since everything was in walking distance and then, of course, eating. We like to eat. A lot. That was probably our favorite activity of the trip. The first day we took a tour of Petco Park (which was located across the street from our hotel) and then we went to the baseball game that night. Much to my disappointment, a home-run was not hit the entire night. But we did witness two guys jump onto the field and get run-down by security, so I'd call that a success.

Our second day was spent at the San Diego Zoo and eating more food. Our favorite animals of the trip were the elephants (always and forever, they're my absolute favorite) and the polar bear. We made it just in time to watch the polar bear dive into the water for carrots which was really cool.

The next day was spent in Old Town San Diego walking around, enjoying all the little stores and historic displays. We made sure to eat some yummy Mexican food and got rootbeer floats at the soda store.

And of course, no California trip would be complete without stopping by the beach. We made sure to make time to walk the La Jolla beach.

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