May 7, 2014


Many of you may know by now about the tragedy our fellow blogger and her family are experiencing right now. Last Friday, Jacqui (from Baby Boy Bakery) and her husband Dan witnessed as their 3 year old son was hit by a truck after running out into the street for a frisbee. I tend to avoid addressing topics such as this, in fear of doing them an injustice, but this event has struck a chord with me. I may not be full of eloquent and beautiful words, but I'm here, doing the small amount that I can to support and lift them up.

Jacqui's best friend Alissa (from Diary of an Addict) wrote the following:
"They need us to rally. They need us to pray. To share, to love, and to remember Ryan. I know you may not know Jacqui, but she needs us more than ever. Will you unite with me? Will you share her story? Will you offer her comfort? If you could take a moment, if you could take many moments, and not just pray for them, but join me in posting pictures of Ryan on your Facebook, your Twitter, your Instagram feeds. Post them so that the memory of him can live on. Post them to share the love they had for their little boy. Will you grab a picture from Jacqui's Instagram feed and post it to yours? Will you share words of encouragement and tag #redballoonsforryan? We can use our voices for good to tell a story of a little boy who loved life and his family, who laughed often, who loved to snuggle his mommy and daddy. And to tell the story of two parents who are loving each other strongly and beautifully through this tragedy, through this unexplainable loss."

Alissa helped Jacqui and Dan receive instant support. So much support in fact that Alissa's website crashed from all the traffic! I have seen countless Instagram, Twitter, and blog posts rallying behind these parents and sharing loving words and pictures of Ryan. It sure makes me proud of this blogging community that I love.

I hope by now you're wondering how you can help. Here are just a few ways you can show your support:
1. Pray for them. They will feel the extra love.
2. Share a photo of sweet Ryan on your social media and tag it with #redballoonsforryan. There's almost 19,000 posts already on Instagram alone!
3. Make a donation on the Thrive Mom blog.
4. Purchase any of the items below. All proceeds are going directly to the Saldana family.

Lisa Leonard Designs
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My heart goes out to this family. Let's lend them the support they need today, tomorrow, and the years to come. 

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