May 16, 2014

Crafty Pants Party: Round Two

Hi, my name's Alicia and I'm a bad blogger. 

Remember when I went to that Crafty Pants Party, oh, I don't know, the beginning of February?! Yeah, still haven't posted about it in the three months that have gone by. I'll just use my favorite excuse, wedding and marriage ya'll. I've been crazy busy. I figured I let this half-written post marinate long enough in my draft folder so here you go.
Everyone knows Chrissy by now, right? Well if you don't, just know she is the happiest, nicest, sparkleiest person out there. Chrissy put together the second Crafty Pants Party a few many Saturdays ago (you can see the first here). Food, bloggers, and crafts makes for a guaranteed good time. Also, big props to Lydia for volunteering her super cool house for the event.

Now for pictures. The high quality, pretty pictures are courtesy of Chrissy and then the blurry pictures are mine. Thank you Chrissy for being an amazing photographer.

Such lovely ladies to spend the afternoon crafting with (plus honorary member Rigby).

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