April 28, 2014

My Current Struggles

Confession: I have yet to even upload any honeymoon pictures to my computer. 

We've been busy unpacking and writing thank you cards this past week, plus we're flying to Chicago this Thursday and I haven't even begun to plan for that.

Since I don't have photos to share with you this lovely Monday, I thought I would provide you with a little entertainment via gifs. Gifs entertain me far too easily so hopefully you're as easy to entertain. If you aren't, you can just skip this post.


Go to sleep at a decent hour, or watch another episode of Modern Family? 
Phil Dunphy
Modern Family wins every time.

April 25, 2014

General Conference Highlights: April 2014

Yeah, yeah, I know- I'm only 3 weeks late with this post. But I've been busy getting married and all that jazz so cut me some slack. This session of General Conference was amazing, as usual. I know there are a lot of them, but I wanted to share my favorites. If you click on each name, it will bring you to the full talk where you can either watch or read it.


April 21, 2014

I'm a married woman.

We did it. We tied the knot.

I even changed my status on Facebook to "married" and updated my last name, so, you know, it's official and all. 

Our wedding day was perfect, the honeymoon was so much fun, and now we are back to reality and trying to get caught up with life. My new semester starts today and we are both facing towering work piles. Not to mention unpacking. I mean, who really needs to put clothes away in a dresser when they're already conveniently packed away in boxes? 

I have a ton of pictures to sort through and edit and once that's done, Mushy Monday will again be a thing on the ole' blog. Until then, here's one lousy cell phone picture for you all. Thank goodness for tags on Facebook.

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