March 3, 2014

Wedding Planning and Change

It is the first Monday in quite a few weeks that I don't have a Mushy Monday post for you. I'm sure you are all devastated. There probably won't be anymore for a while. At least, not until I have wedding photos to share or something similar. Speaking of the wedding, why did no one tell me that wedding planning was the pits? Fair warning to all you single ladies out there, it's not all rainbows and giggles like Pinterest paints it to be. Pinterest is a liar.

On another note, you might have noticed that I changed my blog name again. This time, it won't be changing because it's coming along with a big girl purchased domain name. If you try to find me with my old domain, it will still forward you to the new one. So not to worry, you won't lose me if you forget the new name. Also, according to Bloglovin', it will automatically transfer all of my existing followers to my new domain name on there. We will see if it's as easy peasy as they make it out to be.

And if you're wondering where the name Snowstorm came from... well, my new last name will be Snow. I'm just so clever sometimes.

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