March 20, 2014

This and That

Here is a random post about nothing in particular. It's what happens when your wedding is less than a month away and consumes your life. 

I may hate how hot it gets in the summer here, but the weather has been perfect lately. Harley and I have been spending the afternoon when I get home from work outside. We have to soak up the little time we have with spring before the hell-spawned summer is upon us.


Remember when Andrew won that contest like a boss? Well here is our picture we had taken at center-court. You wouldn't know it by looking at the picture, but Goran Dragic and Miles Plumlee were directly to the left of us warming up. As in, on the court at the same time as us. (If you don't follow basketball and/or don't know who they are, just know they are really cool so we, in association, are really cool.)


I received my endowments in the Mesa Temple on March 1st. The very next day the Gilbert Temple (where we'll be getting married in less than 23 days) was dedicated. It was a very temple-filled weekend. Thought that should be documented.


PS- Apparently I've taken a blogging hiatus without knowing. Two weeks without blogging and the future is looking bleak. With how busy my schedule is because of the wedding, blog posts may be scarce for a while. Just you wait until I'm married and home from the honeymoon. There will be so many blog posts you're going to get tired of me.

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