March 6, 2014

Free Nights With The Suns

Andrew claims to be unlucky. He says that he has never won any sort of contest in his life. 

Well all that has changed. 

We both enter random promotional contests that are posted on the Suns' Facebook page hoping to score a free ticket or even a free t-shirt (I'm not picky when it comes to free). Andrew somehow managed to win one of those contests and lucky me (as well as his sister, Michelle, and his mom, Cheri) got to be the beneficiaries of his winnings! His prize included four lower level seats (third row baby!), passes to the Blue Moon Club, and a free picture at center court. Talk about a dream. And a dream it was when we went last Friday to watch the Suns battle the Pelicans with prime seating. Bonus of the night: we won!

Sitting on the court.
Being cool in the Blue Moon Club.

The one picture we managed to get of everyone.

The team warming up.

PS- Andrew just happened to bump into Gerald Green earlier that same day when he was walking to lunch. And Andrew says he isn't lucky. Psh.

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