February 28, 2014

Ye Olde Renaissance Faire

For Valentine's Day, Andrew got tickets for us to attend the Renaissance Festival. I decided to redeem those on Saturday so off we went. I always enjoy going to things like this because I'm a big people-watcher. If you've never been to the Renaissance Festival or anything similar, just know that it's mostly populated by, ehem, some "interesting" folk, which make it a people-watching paradise. I do have to point out that almost everyone who dressed up for the festivities were very historically inaccurate. For some reason, lots of Johnny Depp look-a-likes frequent the fair. And women seem to take it as an excuse to dress a bit.... risque. You own a corseted dress? That most certainly fits the medieval time period as long as it reveals all of your cleavage. Oh, you have a bedlah from last Halloween's belly-dancing costume? There were definitely large colonies of belly-dancers in the 14th century so rock it Esmeralda. But again, it makes it a marvelous place to people-watch.

We spent the day watching the free shows available and most importantly, the joust. There are three jousts during the day and the final one is a joust to the death. Andrew loved it and most importantly, our knight came out victorious. Sir Don Vincenzo for the win.

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