February 13, 2014

Finding Motivation

I love my Etsy shop. I love messing around with design. I love when people buy my prints. But it still shocks me every time I get a notification that someone just purchased a print from me. Why would someone want to spend money on a silly print I designed?

I also love when people request custom orders. Again, with the shock. Someone looked at my work and thought, "I really like what this chick designs, I bet I could trust her with my ideas and she'll come back with exactly what I want." I just don't understand how that happens. 

Even with how much I enjoy making simple prints, I still have a hard time finding motivation to keep my shop updated. I think it comes with how easy it is to be doubty. I haven't quite found my confidence with this hobby of mine. I avoid telling people about my Etsy shop. And when it is somehow brought up, I brush it off and pretend that it's no big deal. But it is a big deal. I am selling things I created. I am making a little extra cash by doing something I really enjoy.

Finding the confidence to freely broadcast my shop is something I'm working on.
(Well I broadcast to you guys, but you don't count because you're awesome and supportive.)

A few weeks ago, Charlotte from Hola Mama Bowtique contacted me asking for a custom design. Two custom designs actually. She had me design two speech bubbles with one saying "hello" and the other saying "hola". After those were completed, she asked me if I could make a third print that said hello in Arabic. I had a lot of fun making these and Charlotte was a breeze to work with. After they were completed, she sent me this picture:
Photo Credit: Brian Pescatore Photography

Oh, hey, no big deal or anything, but... OH MY GOSH! THOSE ARE MY DESIGNS HANGING IN SOMEONE'S HOUSE!

Seeing that picture gave me all sorts of motivation. And confidence. Plus her baby is just adorable. But I'm getting off track. The point of this whole post is that I'm going to be working on new designs and a new look for my Etsy shop. Most of the existing designs won't be available after I redo my shop and fill it with newer items so get them while you can.

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