February 10, 2014

Engagement Story

Back story: Andrew's dad once read us a children's book called The Trip To Panama. It's about Little Bear and Little Tiger who go on a journey to find Panama. The underlying theme is that no matter what happens to you in life, as long as you have your best friend by your side, everything will be alright. Throughout the book, they repeat the line, "With a friend like you, I don't have to be afraid." We always quote that to one another and Andrew has taken to calling me Little Tiger. It was a very touching experience having Andrew's dad read that story to us and the book has become dear to our hearts. 

Now on to the real story...

On November 29th, the day after Thanksgiving, I woke up to a text from Andrew's mom. Cheri said that she and Andrew's dad had put together a scavenger hunt for Andrew and I, hoping we would humor them and make it into a date for the day. Andrew picked me up with clues in hand. I opened the first envelope and immediately realized that the clues were parts taken from our favorite book, The Trip To Panama, reworded for us to go on our own little journey. I was really excited once I realized that. 

Our first clue took us to a place called The Farm which is an outdoor restaurant/farm/garden. We ate lunch, walked around, and took a few pictures.

Our second clue took us for dessert at Dairy Queen. Our third clue took us to the Mesa, AZ temple. At this point, Andrew started to gripe. "Do we really have to walk around the temple? Why don't we come back later when all the Christmas lights are on?" I relented and on to the next clue we went. We ended up at Ikea and again, Andrew didn't want to walk around. I finally told him, "Andrew, your parent's put this together so we would have fun stuff to do all day, we are walking around!" Once I managed to get him into Ikea, we opened our final clue which was to walk around Tempe Towne Lake. At this point, Andrew said he wanted to call his mom and he informed me that his family was putting up Christmas decorations. His mom said that we could skip the last clue and come home to help. As we were driving back to his house, he was super hyper-active. When questioned about his silly mood, he insisted he was just having a fun day with me. Andrew gets in silly moods quite often so I didn't think twice about it.

We pulled up to his house and when I got out of the car, there was another clue sitting in the grass. I got super excited and Andrew told me to open it. But I insisted that Andrew opened it since I got to open all the other ones. "No Alicia, you just open it. I need to tie my shoe." So here I was trying to open this manila envelope while Andrew is on his knee "tying his shoe", but I'm really struggling. It's licked shut and I can't seem to rip it open. Andrew gets up off his knee and helps me tear it and I pull out a copy of The Trip To Panama. I was pumped and was thinking that Andrew's parents are the best for putting this scavenger hunt together and getting us our own book. And then Andrew gets down on his knee a second time and I finally get it. It finally makes sense why he was so antsy the whole day and why he didn't want to waste time anywhere and why he was "tying his shoe". He had put this together, he was behind it all, and he was in front of me proposing now. He pulled out the most gorgeous ring and asked me to marry him.

Obviously I said no. Just kidding, I said yes without hesitation.

It was perfect and thoughtful and I'm excited for the future. April 12th can't come soon enough.

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