January 6, 2014

The Inevitable Love Story: Part Three

Remember to read part one here and part two here first. 

After deciding to become exclusive, Andrew and I spent the weekend apart due to the Easter holiday. Monday came and I was excited to see my "boyfriend". He texted me that night and asked if I was able to swing by and talk to him. I quickly drove myself to his parent's house where he was located and immediately knew something was wrong when he was already waiting outside for me. I tentatively got out of my car, afraid of what was coming. He asked how my day was then proceeded to tell me that he had been thinking a lot. Thinking is never a good thing so I prepared myself for the worst. He said he felt things were "weird" and that he thought we should just be friends. At that, I told him goodbye and drove myself home.

I was in complete shock.

As a side note, when we were discussing future possibilities, Andrew(who was 26 at the time while I was only 21) was upfront that he was looking for marriage and that I was someone he could see that happening with. I was a little hesitant of the idea as I had gotten out of a very long-term relationship a year earlier, but after discussing it with Andrew, I felt comfortable with the idea. It was something that I wanted to be sure of though so I prayed about it a lot during this period. I had a resounding feeling that I should date Andrew and the jokes about him being my future husband seemed that much more serious.

So as I was driving home, I had no idea what to think. Why had I felt so strongly that it was the right thing to date him if it was just going to end three days later? The only thing I could think to do was to pray. I asked why things turned out completely different than I thought they would and why I received one answer that was different from the outcome. All I wanted was reassurance. If Mister Snow wasn't the one, I just needed to understand why I felt so sure about it in the first place. I wanted to understand.

That night I had a dream. One that absolutely infuriated me.

It started out like a normal, nothing special, wouldn't be remembered, dream. But right before I woke up, Andrew approached me and told me I just needed to wait for him.

I woke in the morning thinking that I absolutely would not wait for him. He was the one who left me with no explanation. God must have known I'd be stubborn because the same occurrence happened in my dreams the following two nights.

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