January 27, 2014

The Inevitable Love Story: Part Six

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Things were going well as "friends". We texted each other during the day and occasionally hung out in the evening that week. We kept it very casual. That is until July 14th. After church that day, as we texted back and forth, I expressed to him that I felt things were still a bit awkward and no matter what we said about there being no pressure, there still was. We both tried to brainstorm ideas on how to fix this dilemma. I finally told him I had an idea, but was a little embarrassed to tell him what my solution for our problem was. He obviously wanted to know, but I said that I wasn't going to tell him over texting and he would just have to wait to find out.

That night, we got together a group of friends. We watched Despicable Me and made rootbeer floats. Once the movie was over, we were anxious to find something exciting to do. Next thing you know, we're all in the pool after jumping in fully clothed. We spent hours swimming and playing games. Once we realized that it was one in the morning, everyone parted ways. It was truly a fun evening and for once, there felt like absolutely no pressure. It was a carefree and easy night between us. Once I got home, I received a text from Andrew saying that he had hoped we would have at least a few minutes alone so I could tell him my solution and he was wondering if I was still up for talking. I decided to be brave and said he could come over even though it was nearing 2 AM.

We sat on my couch and I tried to avoid the topic. I was scared to tell him. He eventually got me to admit my thoughts as I blurted out, "Just kiss me already!" He was taken aback, completely confused. He thought I was going to tell him that we should give up and stop trying to possibly get back together in the future. Boy, was he wrong. I explained to him how I felt kissing would ease a lot of the pressure. We both knew it would come eventually, might as well get it out of the way. He tried to be a gentleman saying that he didn't want me to question his intentions. I told him that I appreciated that, but to knock it off and kiss me. And so he did. He grabbed my face in his hands and went in for the kiss.

And you know what? It worked. My solution worked. After the kiss, we were completely relaxed with each other. We stayed up until five in the morning laughing and talking and occasionally kissing. It was perfect.

Although we weren't "officially" back together just yet, we became inseparable after that night.

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