December 12, 2013

Sometimes You Turn Twenty-Two

Sometimes it's your birthday.

And sometimes you wake up with the worse headache and have to go to work even though it's your day to party. And sometimes you don't have time to shower so you go your whole day looking like a hobo with no make-up, dark circles under your eyes, and grease-ball hair in a top knot. And sometimes you have no food in your house for breakfast so you eat McDonalds and feel disgusting for the rest of the day. And sometimes you have heat flashes all morning because you're 22 going on 60. And sometimes you hate your life at work and just want to take a nap, but you can't because you live in reality (curse you reality). And sometimes you still have to go to class in the middle of your evening because apparently a birthday isn't a valid enough reason to get an excused absence.

Birthdays. Reminding me I'm an adult since 2009.

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