August 15, 2013

twenty boring facts about me

being a blogger entitles oneself to talk about how awesome he/she is.
so i've compiled a list of twenty facts to demonstrate just that
(or it may just be a list of random things you don't even care to know).
you're welcome.

1. i was a fat baby. i weighed 10lbs 10oz.  i was also born with crossed eyes.

2. i'm twenty one and a half. it's been a good year to me so far. let's see how the second half goes.

3. i graduated 6th in my high school class. sounds impressive until you realize there was only 66 kids in that graduating class.

4. i lived in seven different houses growing up. i feel like that's a lot. maybe not.
since being on my own, i've added four more places to the list.

5. books. they're sort of my thing.

6. my feet prefer to be bare.

7. i am a huge phoenix suns fans. even though they lose a majority of the time. and got rid of steve nash. and now luis scola. they make it difficult to be a faithful fan, but i'm persevering.

8. i have an older and a younger brother. i also have 5 step-brothers and 1 step-sister (none of whom i know very well).

9. disneyland is my happy place.

10. i had mono when i was fifteen. from kissing too many boys.
just kidding. i still had virgin lips at the time of my disease.

11. i was in two musicals in high school: bye bye birdie and oklahoma.
getting ready for bye bye birdie. we were really attractive.
 12. i think elephants are amazing. they're my favorite.

13. i played soccer all four years of high school even though i detest running.

my soccer team in 2009.
14. i'm a college drop-out. but plan to go back. maybe. eventually. hopefully.

15. i love the smell of exhaust because it reminds me of my grandfather who was a mechanic.

16.  some may say i'm addicted to dr. pepper. i'm trying to slowly cut it out of my daily consumption.

17. my current car is named henry II getting it's name sake from an older model that i drove in high school.

my friends and i being cool on the hood of henry I
 18. i love mexican food.

19. sometimes i pretend i'm a photographer and make my friends pose for pictures.

20.  i have never broken a bone. knock-on-wood.

oh you know, that just took me all week to write.

if you decide to join in on the fun, include a link to your post in the comments. i'd love to see what you come up with.

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