August 11, 2013

Seven Reasons I Suck At Blogging

1. I don't post every day. Or every other day. Heck, you're lucky if you get one post a week.
Beats Me
2. Most often, my photos come from my phone because I always forget my nice camera at home.
Snap a Picture of it
3. I've never had a macaroon.
Cry Baby
4. I have no idea how to pattern mix.
Don't try it
5. While we're on the topic, I don't do fashion posts because they turn out like this. Awkward.Jan
6. I never throw themed parties (complete with those cute striped paper straws).
Crazy Celebration
7. And lastly, I'm starting to realize that my life isn't as exciting to others as I perceive it to be.

Also, I only could come up with seven reasons instead of a solid ten.

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