August 5, 2013

my weekend was better than yours

...unless you were on the beach or in disneyland. in which case, you win.

but if you weren't, then my weekend was way better. my best friend jenna and her husband miles came down to the valley for the weekend. most importantly though, they brought me miss tycie shea who was born last month on the 7th. i have been waiting to meet her ever since and once i finally saw her, i was like this the whole time:

i'm so glad jenna and miles were blessed with this little girl and that i'm able to be a part of her life as aunt bobbie (bobbie= nickname with a long story behind it, just go with it). she also makes me super baby hungry. i mean, just look at how scrumptious she is.

she is absolutely perfect.

the rest of my weekend was spent with a certain boy and his family.
all in all, it was a great weekend. and you should be jealous.

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