August 22, 2013

Let It Be (Not a post about the Beatles)

My fingers are itching to type, carefully hovering over the keyboard, waiting for the words to flow,
but the words don't come. What a strange concept to yearn to write yet have nothing to spill onto the page.

And then I realize, there isn't anything to say. Sometimes life is just the way it's suppose to be and there's no use trying to analyze it or explain it to others.

So I'll let the pieces fall into their perfect little spaces without trying to change or manipulate them. Sometimes you have to let life be.
PS - Tonight I'm going to a special Phoenix Suns event. Exclusive invite to a dinner with coaches, managers, and past players. Me and the boy are rather excited. (Yes, I do have a boy now if you couldn't tell from my last #typethenthink post).

PPS - Tomorrow is the 3rd Annual AZ Blogger Meetup and it's being held at Clothes Minded. I'm so ready to reunite with my fellow bloggy friends.

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