July 9, 2013

take me back

take me back to small towns and great weather and good times.
my fourth of july weekend was fantastic. i took a little trip up to the white mountains with my friends ben, bryant, and lizzy. we started it off right by visiting los corrales in pinetop. if you ever find yourself in pinetop, az you must go, trust me.
ben is part of the clean plate club.

byrant is also part of the clean plate club.
next we went frog hunting. yes, frog hunting. we may be just a little hick.
for those of you more civilized than us and unsure of what this activity consists of, let me educate you. you take some flashlights, trudge through a creek, and when you spot a bullfrog's eyes glowing in the dark, you shoot it with a pellet gun. it makes for some good fun. go ahead, judge me.

the next morning we decided to go swimming in fool's hollow lake in show low. the water may have been a bit freezing and it did start to rain on us, but it didn't ruin our good time.

lizzy and ben being their photogenic selves.

that night, we headed to snowflake for their rodeo. i don't know about you, but i love me some good country fun down at the rodeo. afterwards, they had some fantastic fireworks and a dance.

the only problem with having such a great weekend is that it makes it difficult to come back to reality. also, it's hard coming back to the hot valley after having such beautiful white mountain weather. but alas, real life has stolen me back.

here's a quick little video of our weekend. i was absolutely the worst at documenting this trip.

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