July 5, 2013

celebrating the most non-monumental blog post

i realized this morning that yesterday's post was my 100th blog post on hearts and chances. if i had known that beforehand, i would have done something much more exciting which would have involved dancing monkeys and cake. but instead we'll celebrate this non-monumental post by slow-clapping it out.
on another note, i hope everyone had a fanstatic 4th yesterday. mine started out with a wonderful breakfast with friends.

the rest of the day was spent relaxing and then a few friends came over that evening to play games and chill on my roof because that's what the cool kids do. but i'll be celebrating america's indepedence this weekend. after work, i'm headed to the white mountains (located in northern arizona). going back to my small town roots. there will be rodeos, swing dancing, and firework shows galore. i'm so excited. :)

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