June 6, 2013

pulled by the tide

whenever life is working out exactly how you planned, how you imagined and dreamed it would all pan out, that's how you know things are about to fall apart.
suddenly, things you once loved are now things you hate. and everything you thought you could depend on is rocky and unstable.
but it's okay. or at least it will be soon.
because you don't need the life you planned. you can live an even better one if you let the wind throw you around for a bit. it might even land you exactly where you need to be.
so give into the changes. run the opposite direction of the usual.
it's time for new paths. new adventures. new experiences.
we grow by mistakes anyways so let's go make some while we're young.



  1. Love that photo. Love this post because it is my life right now. Casa Reynoso soooon!

  2. I definitely agree.The times in my life which I tried to plan religiously are always the times which things seem to spiral out of control quickest.Going with the flow works much better, hurts less when you fall!! ;)


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