June 10, 2013

our house is the party house

exciting news. well maybe not for you, but for me... and last time i checked this is my blog to write about anything i want.
anyways, i've finally secured a house to rent with my two girlfriends!
we are moving in this friday and i am thrilled. but that also means i am incredibly busy. i'm trying to centralize the location of everything i own, but so far, it looks like this:
my essentials are with me at my grandma's house.
a majority of my remaining belongings are at my uncle's house.
my bed is at my brother's house.
my dining room table is at my mom's house.
and then there's still some miscellaneous boxes at my old apartment... which i still need to clean.
yeah, i make moving so easy, it's ridiculous (that's sarcasm incase you aren't picking up).
once i do manage to acquire all my assests, our house is going to be bomb. we have a firepit in the back, a huge living area, and a freakin' bar for all the non-alcoholic beverages us mormons mix-up. it's gonna get cray cray (again, sarcasm).
that being said, i may be a little less present on the blog while i get settled, but once i am, you'll get a full house tour. i know, you're dying from the anticipation already.
ps- i've had some strange encounters in the dating world this weekend which include forward hand holding and requests to run away to california to get married. how do i attract these men?
pps- my best friend jenna just had the most beautiful baby. tycie shea entered the world on friday, july 7th, at 7:51 am, weighing 7lbs 7oz. i have been an emotional wreck this weekend not being there with her, but i am so proud of her and excited for her little family.

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  1. ok, 1. that gif is amazing and i must use it in the near future probably multiple times. 2. i hear ya on the moving chaos. i was just there. and will be there again very soon. 3. I MUST hear these dating stories! casa reynoso asap??


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