May 22, 2013

Where I'm From

Mesa, AZ 1991: A dusty white mobile home sits behind my grandpa's house. It's my first home, where my childhood began.

My older brother and me on my birthday. Circa 1993.

Mesa, AZ 1994: I move to the house on Princess Street. I start school while living here. Bus rides home is what I remember most.

Holding my little brother. Circa 1996.

Mesa, AZ 1998: Omega Drive is a house my parents had built from the ground up. I would spend my summer complaining about how hot it was until my mom would turn on the sprinklers in the backyard. I would run back and forth as the water cast rainbows across my small oasis.

Me with my brothers and some of my cousins. Circa 1999.

Show Low, AZ 2000: I leave the desert and head to the mountains. We live in a rental home in a country club. It was my first winter with snow and we had the best hills in town right in our backyard.

Lakeside, AZ 2001: We move to a more permanent location. We had to evacuate this home twice because of wildfires. As siblings, we bonded the most while living here.

Saint Johns, AZ 2004: Because of my dad's job, we move to Lyman Llake, a state park outside of Saint Johns. Hiking, swimming, and exploring ensue.

Saint Johns, AZ 2005: We move to town into the house that I consider my home. My high school memories are made while living here.

Mesa, AZ 2010: I graduate and start my life. And in starting my life, I mean moving in with Grandma until I can find a place of my own.

Mesa, AZ 2010: My first apartment. My older brother is my new roommate. Changes are rampant.

Mesa, AZ 2012: I decide to venture completely on my own. with, of course, Harley. A small studio apartment is mine. I have fun making it my own, but miss having other's around.

Chandler, AZ 2013: I haven't moved in yet, but in July, Chandler will be my new home. Liz, Jennifer, and me will be living in an actual house and plenty of adventures are expected in the future.

PS- My childhood was awesome.
So this post may or may not have turned out differently than I planned. I'm trying to write down a little bit of my history, but it's super hard. Hopefully when I do more of my personal history, they'll turn out a bit better.

On another note, I went on a super fun date last night. Dirt roads, four-wheel drive, an amazing view, great company, dancing in the middle of the desert, passing around a guitar in our little cumbia circle. I like a good, small-town-feel date. It's my kind of thing.

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