May 2, 2013

Day 2: Spring Is Here

It's day two of "Blog Every Day in May" and I'm still going strong. Be impressed. Today's topic is on spring. Sadly, as an Arizona girl, there's not much of spring to experience. It seems we go from winter to summer overnight. But it is windy today and that's a sign of spring, right?

Even though we don't get to experience the season in its entirety here in Arizona, spring does bring that feeling of new beginnings. Exciting things are happening and I'm just going to attribute that to the spring feeling in the air. Maybe that spring wind could blow a little romance my way.

PS - Tomorrow night is the night! Jimmy Eat World concert with this lovely lady!


  1. I'm really proud of your two days in a row of blogging :) Also, your blog design is looking fantastic. Also, JIMMY!

    1. thank you, thank you. and it has finally come! only a few hours until jew!


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